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Fire & Security Safes

Buying a safe today requires some research, there are decisions to be made before you start shopping – how you make those decisions will determine how effective your purchase will be.

How do I decide what kind of safe I need?

The most important thing you need to know is what are you trying to protect, and what are you trying to protect it from.

Understanding how a safe is constructed, why it is designed and constructed that way, and what risks it is meant to protect against is critical information for choosing which safe to use.

Fire Safes are designed to keep the internal temperature below 176° Celsius, paper chars at about 204°, for a minimum period of time usually expressed in minutes or hours. One of the ways it does this is by converting trapped moisture to steam as it gets hot. This works very well for paper records, not so well for items that may be damaged by moisture, such as electronic media.

Security Safes are designed to protect money and other valuables from theft. They are built with heavy, thick metal plates or other materials that are meant to deter attack from tools. Security safes will have a ‘Cash Rating’ as a measure of how hard the safe would be to crack.

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